Applies to:
Foxtrot Classic, Foxtrot Legacy — all versions

When importing data into Foxtrot Classic or Foxtrot Legacy, a database file (dbf) is automatically created. Foxtrot will use this database file as it’s main file source, as it will not alter the data of non-database file types.

There are certain restrictions of this file type that must be followed so that Foxtrot may create the appropriate dbf:

Limitations of a DBF

Description Limitation Error
Fields per record 255 for dBASE IV 3190
Length of field Not to exceed 254 characters per single field 3017
Total sum of characters in a single record Not to exceed 3960 characters 3016
Item not found in this collection Column header contains unrecognized characters 3265


Error 3190: Import error: Too many fields defined
Error 3190

This error occurs when importing a spreadsheet that contains more than 128 fields, per the limitations of a dbf. To avoid this, it may be easier to utilize Foxtrot’s Excel technology and work with within the workbook externally. If possible, you can also partition the file such that this rule is followed.

Error 3017: Import error: The size of a field is too long
Error 3017
This error occurs when importing a file in which at least one fields length exceeds the maximum number of characters per text field (254). Clicking OK will then prompt an additional message, explaining that the file could not be created. Clicking OK on this error will route you back to Step 3 of the Import Wizard.
By clicking on the field whose length exceeds 254 characters, you may change the length to anything less than 255. If trimming the field causes you to lose information, you may convert the spreadsheet to an Microsoft Access database, in which these limitations do not exist.
Import Wizard - Edit Field

Additionally, you may find the Import Wizard lock up before you can complete Step 1, as it may become non-responsive. The size and location of the file may also play a role in a slower import time.


Error 3016: Import error: Field won’t fit in record
Error 3016
This error occurs when the total sum of all characters in a single record, or row, exceeds 3960. That is, if you have 100 total fields, in which each field’s length is 150 characters, the total sum of all characters in a single record is 100 x 150 = 15,000, which exceeds the limit of 3,960.


Error 3265: Import error: Item not found in this collection



This error occurs when  you are importing data that contains an apostrophe (‘) in the column header. Foxtrot cannot create the dbf.  Cancel out of the Import Wizard, open the spreadsheet and remove any apostrophes from the headers and import the spreadsheet again.


Last Modified 04/20/2017