Applies to:
Foxtrot Legacy –all versions

Sometimes, users may require Foxtrot Legacy to interact with multiple emulator sessions. While each running instance of Foxtrot Legacy is limited to a single connection, multiple connections may be stored within Foxtrot Legacy’s preferences so that a user may choose the appropriate session to connect.

The steps below assume that the user has previously established a single emulator session via the Emulator Setup Wizard

    1. Verify that both emulator sessions are running, and that each session has a unique shortname (i.e. A and B)
    2. Select Tools > Preferences
    3. Uncheck the option to Autoconnect on startup
    4. Change the Default Short Name or a short name that is not in use; i.e. if short names A and B are in use, change this option to C

Foxtrot Legacy Preferences

  1. Click Apply and OK to save your changes
  2. Select Tools > Preferences
  3. Clicking Connect will prompt the user to select the desired emulator session

Foxtrot Legacy Emulator Sessions
Last Modified 08/17/2016