Applies to:
Foxtrot, Foxtrot Legacy — All Editions

Out of the box, Foxtrot will have the ability to import data in the following file types:

  • Comma-Delimited Text (.csv)
  • Fixed-Width Text (.txt)
  • dBase III, IV, V Tables (.dbf)

To import any other supported file type, such as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, the Enhanced Import Wizard must first be activated via the Foxtrot Administrator

Begin by verifying your permissions level to the Foxtrot Suite folder; typically “C:\Program Files (x86)\Foxtrot Suite” for 64-bit machines, or “C:\Program Files\Foxtrot Suite” for 32-bit machines. We recommend that all users have read, write, and modify permissions to the respective directory. You may need a system administrator grant you these permissions if they do not yet exist. If you do not have the appropriate permissions, you will still be able to continue with the steps below, however, changes will not save.

To activate the Enhanced Import Wizard:

1. Log onto the Foxtrot Administrator
2. Click on the Data Settings view, under the Workstation tab
3. Check both checkboxes that appear*, and choose “MS Access Database” as the default DSN
*These checkboxes may only be checked if the machine has Microsoft Office installed.
4. Click Save Changes along the top left
5. Close Foxtrot and re-launch the application. Going forward, you should be able to import all supported file type

Last Modified 10/23/2014