One of our customers, a Midwestern-based financial services company, recently reminded us of one of the intangible benefits provided by our Foxtrot technology: Foxtrot frees up time to think more about ways to help clients.

Every business organization intuitively knows the importance of adding value to their services. Foxtrot users, however, find our business process automation technology affords them with two important benefits that facilitate the building of stronger links with their customers.

The two intangibles delivered by Foxtrot never show-up on the balance sheet, but their importance cannot be underestimated.

Foxtrot build confidence.
The error-free information provided by Foxtrot provides customers with accurate information with which to make decisions.

That is because Foxtrot provides error-free importing, merging, and changing data information the first time, every time. Managers know the information is sound and can be relied upon to make decisions that can positively affect business outcomes for their customers. Automating business processes enables managers to make quick decisions and promptly respond to customers’ needs.

Foxtrot promotes administrative creativity.
Instead of reacting to the crisis of the moment, employees who use Foxtrot find they have time to actually think about questions, such as, “How can I do more to help our customers?” and, “What do our customers really desire?”

Foxtrot eliminates the tedium of thousands of error-prone manual entries. The technology opens the door—the minds of the employees—to create solutions to challenges that their customers may not yet have even envisioned.

Thanks to the insight of one of our customers, we have been reminded of the intangible benefits of Foxtrot.

We believe it is a significant observation worth reminding ourselves about and sharing this knowledge with you.