Throughout our business lives, we have all heard it over and over…Keep It Simple, Stupid or KISS.

Our Foxtrot technology fits right in with the philosophy of KISS. Our customers tell us simplicity is one of the most popular features of Foxtrot.

When we asked our customers about the values of Foxtrot they considered most important, six of 10 said, “Foxtrot can automate and simplify processes without programming (no code required).” In non-tech speak, our customers are saying “Foxtrot is easy to use.”

Simplicity is a philosophy to which we have held true for more than two decades at EnableSoft and a philosophy that puts us in good company.

In fact, just this past week, one of the world’s enterprise software leaders, SAP CEO Bill McDermott, proclaimed SAP’s goal was to “Run Simple.” (USA Today, September 2, 2014).

We couldn’t agree more.

Even as Foxtrot has updated to keep pace with technological changes, Foxtrot remains so easy to use that non-technical personnel quickly and easily learn how to use it to solve the most common automated data challenges. And, once employees have learned Foxtrot, its simplicity empowers them to create totally unique solutions tailored for their organization.

Is that simple enough? For our hundreds of customers, the answer is a resounding “yes.”