Foxtrot Professional Edition

EnableSoft’s Foxtrot Professional Edition handles tasks in public (non-intranet) web environments, and Windows applications, without programming. Use Foxtrot’s robotic process automation software to routinely test every link on your website and report back to you on the results. Or, use Foxtrot to automate FTP downloads / uploads, web data extraction, password changes, and much more.

Fast, Simple Web Automation
Foxtrot Professional works with all public (non-intranet) websites like, Quickbooks Online and many others. Simply “teach” Foxtrot how to perform any manual repetitive task through a simple scripting process and watch your automated employee work flawlessly.

A Better Way to Integrate Windows and Web
Foxtrot Professional automates Excel and other Windows-based applications, too. Put it to work formatting and uploading spreadsheets to your CRM, scraping competitors’ pricing data off of their websites and sending it to you via e-mail each day, or extracting orders from your online store and loading them into an Access database. Application integration has never been easier.

Powerful FTP Automation
Schedule Foxtrot to handle FTP uploads and downloads automatically. Foxtrot waits for files to appear then downloads and emails them to you. Or, have Foxtrot grab files from your desktop and upload them to a folder as part of your end-of-day process.

With Foxtrot Professional You Can:

  • Automate virtually any Windows-based application
  • Automate web tasks and processes in 1, 3, or an unlimited number of websites
  • Quickly learn and write scripts with drag-and-drop ease
  • Fully leverage your web-based CRM, Accounting, or Human Resources Management platforms

Looking to automate tasks in a core banking, healthcare or insurance platform? Click here for Foxtrot Enterprise Edition.

Terms of Use
Foxtrot Professional is licensed through a single named-user model. Foxtrot Professional may be installed on one workstation at a time only and licenses are non-transferable. Users will be asked to declare the websites / URLs they wish to automate upon activation. Phone support is currently offered with Foxtrot Enterprise licenses only. The License does not authorize you to use the Software to access intranet sites unless permitted specifically by us. The Software has features which block access to certain internet sites, and we reserve the right to cause the Software to block access to sites of our choosing.

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