• Deploy multiple automated employees simultaneously to execute your Foxtrot software scripts.

  • What are FoxBots
  • FoxBots are the newest addition to Foxtrot Robotic Process Automation Software Suite and they enable financial institutions, healthcare and other organizations to deploy “automated employees” in an efficient and cost effective way executing multiple instances of Foxtrot RPA scripts to complete automation projects even more quickly.

    With minimal training, staff members can activate FoxBots anywhere across the organization to execute the automation of a wide variety of manual processes. Organizations save money by increasing the number of automated employees to run Foxtrot RPA scripts without having to purchase additional Foxtrot Enterprise licenses.


  • Robotic Work Group Technology
  • Think of FoxBots as a group of people sitting around a table with 10,000 records in the center that need to be processed. Each FoxBot license represents one person at the table capable of handling a record. The more FoxBots an organization has, the faster the records can be processed and they work relentlessly with accuracy.



  • Works with your Core Business Systems
  • Just as if the information was entered manually, FoxBots inputs data into your organization’s core business system. Foxtrot RPA preserves the business rules, data validations and formatting while preserving core audit trails.


  • No Down Time
  • Projects can be executed in a fraction of the time, while also eliminating the bottleneck of operating with a single computer. If a critical error occurs, the operations team can focus on resolving the problem while the other FoxBots continue working.

  • Same World Class Support as Foxtrot Enterprise
  • You receive the same world class US-based support for FoxBots that you have come to expect from EnableSoft.

  • Centralizes Results
  • Once FoxBot has completed a project, all results are located within a central file. The user does not have to pull information from each computer.
  • Easy to Use
  • Like Foxtrot Enterprise, users of FoxBots do not need coding experience to join a project. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: Open the program, search active FSPs and join the project.
  • Provides Cost-Efficiency
  • FoxBot allows organizations to boost operational efficiency at a fraction of the cost of additional Foxtrot Enterprise licenses or adding staff.

  • System Requirements
  • > Purchase at least three Foxtrot Enterprise Licenses
  • > Virtual machines such as VMware are supported
  • > Microsoft's Windows OS
  • Features
  • > Multiple Foxbots can be applied to a project
  • > Provides flexible project execution
  • > Can be applied to special projects or daily tasks