Foxtrot Enterprise Edition

Foxtrot Enterprise Edition, as its name suggests, is an enterprise-level robotic process automation (RPA) solution for organizations with multiple users, or a need to automate tasks in terminal emulator (green screen) or intranet environments. Foxtrot Enterprise also automates tasks in Windows and web environments without coding or programming.

Automation for Core Platforms
Foxtrot Enterprise Edition is the only Foxtrot capable of automating tasks inside of core banking, health care, or insurance platforms.

Intranet Automation
Need to automate tasks in intranet environments like Microsoft SharePoint? Choose Foxtrot Enterprise Edition.

Introducing Foxtrot Extender
Foxtrot Enterprise Edition includes Foxtrot Extender, a separate application that uses data automation tools to execute one-time tasks for single records and create easy-access buttons on their desktop.

Share Licenses
Foxtrot Enterprise Edition is licensed via a concurrent model. This means users may install Foxtrot RPA software on any number of workstations and run as many scripts at any one time as they have licenses.

Using Foxtrot Enterprise Edition


Foxtrot Banking Solutions

Update account details, inform customers with account notices and lending alerts, and scrape data from owned accounts or public competitor information to build more attractive lending packages.

Foxtrot Healthcare Solutions

Automatically close the loop on revenue cycle management by sending collection notices, performing write-offs, and managing claims submissions within your medical billing suite.

Foxtrot Insurance Solutions

Foxtrot Enterprise Edition automates web data scraping to accurately adjust fees for claims, handles the adjudication process to supplement employee activities or lighten the workload, and manage plan participation.
Business Operations

Foxtrot Insurance Solutions

Gain rapid control over account protection in the event of security breaches, process billing operations en masse, and perform general account maintenance with laser precision.

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