Foxtrot Desktop Edition

Foxtrot Desktop RPA software automates windows-based applications and replaces all of your existing macros with one intuitive, intelligent solution. Foxtrot scripts can be written quickly, and scheduled to run at your convenience, to automate jobs in Excel, order processing, invoicing, HR processes, and much more, with total accuracy.

Excel Automation Built In
Save time adding cells, copying data, and writing formulas by using one or more of Foxtrot’s included Excel actions. Foxtrot locks into each row, cell, or sheet you target and provides you with only the options you’ll need for the task.

Automation for Any Desktop Application
CPAs, law firms, manufacturers, and others use Foxtrot Desktop Edition to automate tasks and be more productive. Foxtrot works with virtually any Windows-based application through the presentation layer (i.e. the user interface), so logins, error handling, and audit trails are maintained. Your systems see Foxtrot as just another user, so you have full control over how they interact with Foxtrot.

RPA Software Integrates Disparate Applications
Make Access and your Windows-based accounting software work flawlessly together with Foxtrot. This Automated Employee copies and pastes data just like you would, so you can eliminate the costly back-and-forth manual processes you’re using today.

Whether you have 200,000 email addresses you need to import in Excel, or you need to close 500 old accounts, it can all be handed off to Foxtrot to handle for you. Free yourself from manual data processes!

With Foxtrot Desktop, You Can:

  • Automate Excel, Access, and virtually any other Windows-based application
  • Replace macros and other clunky programs with one, do-it-all solution
  • Learn to write scripts in just minutes
  • Eliminate manual data entry and maintenance

Looking to automate tasks in a core banking, healthcare or insurance platform? Click here for Foxtrot Enterprise Edition.

Terms of Use
Foxtrot Desktop is licensed through a single named-user model. Foxtrot Desktop may be installed on one workstation at a time only and licenses are non-transferable. Phone support is currently offered with Foxtrot Enterprise licenses only.
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