An Automated Employee for Any Application

Foxtrot robotic process automation (RPA) software works with and between your web, Windows, or green screen applications to automate business processes with ease. Think of Foxtrot like an “Automated Employee” – someone who takes routine tasks off of your hands, so you can focus on more important things. But, this employee never gets sick, never takes a day off, and works 24 hours a day.

If You Can Click a Mouse, You Can Use Foxtrot

“Teach” Foxtrot how to automate business processes by creating a series of steps, or scripts. Just drag and drop the target over any field, button, object, or text inside the application you wish to automate. Foxtrot presents you with a simplified list of actions from which to choose (e.g. “click”, “copy”, “highlight”, and so on). Once your script is done, schedule Foxtrot to run or press play and watch it work.

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Smart If/Then Reasoning

Works Like a Smart, Problem-Solving Robot

Foxtrot RPA software has built-in intelligence and error-handling to help it overcome virtually any problem that it encounters. Your automated employee handles logins and passwords, pop-ups, and on-screen errors with ease. Plus, Foxtrot can alert you via e-mail or text should it encounter a problem. Just try that with a macro.

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Automate Windows-Based Applications

Foxtrot Desktop Edition automates tasks and processes in Windows-based applications. Use Foxtrot Desktop instead of macros to handle complex processes in Excel. Or, have Foxtrot work directly with your accounting software to automate invoicing, report generation, and more.

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Web Automation Link Testing

Automate Cloud-Based Applications

Foxtrot Professional Edition offers all the functionality of Desktop, and adds automation capabilities for public web applications. Use it to integrate your web store and fulfillment systems, or have Foxtrot test every link on your site just like a customer would. Foxtrot Professional Edition also works with most web-based CRM and ERP solutions to automate routine processes and save you time.

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Foxtrot Enterprise

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Designed for all applications and legacy systems.

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Easily automate windows or web-based applications.

Foxtrot Desktop

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Automate Excel and other Windows applications with a quick drag-and-drop.