A great musical conductor is one who can blend the talent of musicians who play string, wind, and percussion instruments, cue them when to perform different kinds of actions, and orchestrate the entire aggregation to create a musical experience that connects with its audience.

In its own way, our Foxtrot technology acts like a musical conductor.

Foxtrot brings multiple application platforms together, acting in concert, to perform actions that work in sync, seamlessly, and connect its audience—the stakeholders in the business—to information that is vital to the ongoing operations.

Even if the application platforms are completely different, like the old Green Screen technology still used by many financial institutions, and more contemporary technology, like Excel, Cloud-based applications, Microsoft Dynamics, and others, Foxtrot can bring them together into a combined database.

The process of integrating all of these databases operating on different applications is called application integration, or what IT folks like to call it, an “omnipresent infrastructure.” Foxtrot is able to format and scrape data from various platforms and channel it into a single database resource that can be used by all the users in the organization.

In this sense, Foxtrot delivers a virtuoso performance, just like a great musical conductor.

Only when Foxtrot delivers, you get the credit, your customers and your bottom line benefit, and the results are just as pleasing as a great musical performance (and usually more profitable).