One of the attributes our customers like best about our business process automation technology, Foxtrot, is the ease with which non-technical personnel can quickly learn Foxtrot and put it to use.

Foxtrot does not require the mind-set or background of an information technical expert to understand it or use the technology. Repeatedly, customers tell us their non-technical personnel, despite apprehensions about learning a new technology, have embraced Foxtrot as a business process automation resource. Foxtrot’s ease of use enables them to customize their own data management solutions and produce information specific to their needs.

New Foxtrot users can learn the basics of Foxtrot in merely one day. The instructional process takes approximately four (4) hours.

When customers begin using Foxtrot, they start with a thorough instructional from our support team. Our Quick Start Guide and our thorough Training Guides are easily accessible and understandable for any further instructions customers may need.

After working with Foxtrot for a short period, personnel invariably discover how easy Foxtrot is to use. Once they become better acquainted with the technology, usually after a few weeks, they start developing their own scripts tailored to address their own unique business challenges.

If there is a knotty problem, our service Support Team is ready and willing to answer questions and conduct supplemental training to ensure customers are getting the most out of Foxtrot.

In short, Foxtrot is easy to learn and easy to use.