innovative database management
Our popular Foxtrot automated database management technology has revolutionized how many of our customers address their data management needs.

For the majority of our customers, Foxtrot serves as a primary means of keeping customer information accurate, up-to-date, and organized. If changes occur, for example, those changes can be instituted via a tailored script, instead of time-consuming, error-prone manual entry by a human.

For some of our customers, however, Foxtrot serves as a sort of crystal ball. This is particularly true for organizations large enough to have staff analysts whose job it is to examine data and make sense of what the information means.

For these analysts, Foxtrot helps them to use data to make informed, predictable decisions about what to do and when to do it.

Organizations with large consumer databases use Foxtrot to monitor changes in buying patterns, shifting trends in consumer behavior, reactions to economic conditions, and competitor marketing behavior.

Foxtrot’s web-scraping abilities, for example, can be configured to extract marketing information about any particular product or service. The technology can provide you a snapshot of how your product or service is perceived. It can also be automated to tell you the same kind of information about your competitor.

In other words, Foxtrot can help you aggregate, organize, and make better sense out of all the customer data residing in your databases.

Arm yourself you with unique insights that you may otherwise never uncover with Foxtrot marketing automation. Put Foxtrot on the case and see how its ability to direct leaders to making more sensible, informed decisions that can result in improved performance results and marketing success.