The healthcare industry is a business category that is increasingly calling on Foxtrot’s abilities to quickly and efficiently handle their complex and demanding database management needs.

Take these examples of how Foxtrot is helping our healthcare clients keep up with the rapid pace of their business:

A Virginia-based medical practice management company was battling a time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone increase in customer medical records.

The company’s rapid growth was overwhelming their ability to keep their billing and payment records current and accurate.

The management company called on Foxtrot to help their database management processing and cut manual entry time by nearly 60 percent. Foxtrot provides considerably greater accuracy in their record keeping, accelerating billing and payment. Bottom line? A savings of more than $70,000 annually.

An Arizona insurance payer successfully integrated an additional 20,000 customers into their database system in a single day.

Foxtrot pushed aside the Arizona provider’s reliance on manual entry and a complicated, outdated system of unreliable macros by automatically updating more than 43,000 provider records with lightning speed and complete accuracy.

Thanks to Foxtrot, the payer was able to execute an intricate and demanding series of multiple-data tasks in a fraction of the time such an enormous inflow of information would have required.

If you are in the healthcare business and see your employees struggling to keep up with a burgeoning mountain of data, you need to consider Foxtrot.

Join the ranks of healthcare providers who know the power of Foxtrot and how Foxtrot enhances their ability to profitably manage and utilize information.