Nineteenth-century historians used the terms, “useful arts,” and, “technology,” synonymously, to denote, “the useful application of scientific knowledge for the benefit of humankind.” While this definition of technology still holds true today, history has also deemed technology and computers to be a predominantly male province. Notions of gender and technology are constructed together, many times by the way history is written to showcase women’s entry into the male-dominated world as exotic and alien—for instance, Emily Roebling’s (1841-1902) significant role in the construction of the New York City’s Brooklyn Bridge, and Kate Gleason’s (1865-1933) emergence as the first women engineer, despite many (lesser) historically unknown women working in the field at the time. The twentieth-century has reconstructed our view of technology, productivity, and gender’s occupation of the “useful art.” While throughout history society has employed discourse and language that supported the gendered division of technology as an occupation, field, and knowledge, in today’s society, more women are entering and becoming pioneers and, shall we say, history-making roles in the fields of technology, engineering, and other typical male-dominated arenas. For instance, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook chief operating officer and new board member of SurveyMonkey, and Walt Disney Company’s new CFO, Christine McCarthy, both pioneering women leaders in traditional masculine roles.

Foxtrot is redefining technology and the discourse that surrounds the word and definition to be transformed into a gender-neutral force for all subject matter experts and knowledge workers to employ to make history-making innovations in their workplace and life.

While not to propose that women—or men—are not capable of creating code and complex applications using Java, C++, Visual Basic, or the like, but with Foxtrot, there is no coding required, and yet complex and applicable scripts can be created with little training. The woman, man, and everyday knowledge worker will be able to use Foxtrot to improve their data processes, ensure their work and productions are accurate and precise, and enhance the efficiency of their business processes, immediately.

EnableSoft’s Foxtrot technology is truly a “useful art,” which will be documented in history as the pioneer Robotic Process Automation technology, which reinscribes technology to include all groups and all genders. Scholars, engineers, subject matter experts, and statisticians should take note of our neologism, Foxtrot.