Robotic Process Automation

Once in a while, we need to pause and remind ourselves about just what it is that Foxtrot does for our customers.

The short version is that Foxtrot provides an effective, affordable, and cost-efficient automated solution that enables our customers to overcome the dual challenges of avoiding the errors that can disrupt databases via manual entry and the ability to merge and combine data, with total accuracy, from completely disparate operating platforms.

A while back, one of our customers labeled Foxtrot’s Robotic Process Automation abilities as Industrial Strength. We are proud of that description because Industrial Strength, indeed, describe Foxtrot’s power.

Today, after more than two decades following our introduction of Foxtrot, more than 500 companies currently use and value the technology.

More than a third of the 1,000 largest banks rely on Foxtrot, including five of the largest banks. Two of the four major credit card companies use Foxtrot in their data management automation processes. Companies in fourteen different industrial categories use Foxtrot, ranging from financial management, healthcare, tourism, retailing, manufacturing, and more.

In summary, not only does Foxtrot operate at Industrial Strength, but Foxtrot’s Robotic Process Automation abilities help make the industry leaders even stronger.

Combine Foxtrot’s automated database management effectiveness with leaders in their respective industries and, indeed, you have true Industrial Strength.