“Looking beyond the engineering advances that continually push forward materials and engineering innovation, the future of the industrial workforce will accelerate in very specific ways, through better collaboration, inspection, decision support, connectivity, and safety.” By Michael DelGaudio, in The Future of Work, Collection No. 6, April 9, 2015.

When it comes to promoting and enhancing collaboration, our Foxtrot technology is on the leading edge.

Foxtrot has been facilitating better collaboration for more than a decade, enabling software platforms that are completely different from one another to interact with ease.

In the vernacular of business, Foxtrot illustrates the notion of Enterprise Resource Planning, which refers to automation and integration of a company’s core business.

Two vivid examples of how Foxtrot’s collaborative abilities help business:

Financial institutions, which frequently acquire or merge with other financial entities, have ongoing needs to combine their informational databases with their new partners. If one bank uses old Green Screen technology and the other bank uses Windows, Foxtrot allows them to quickly and efficiently merge their data with total accuracy.

Manufacturers, who rely on integrated applications to help run their business, leverage Foxtrot to facilitate the smooth and accurate data management for their inventory management, supply and resource record keeping, and even product planning cycle management.

Is your business addressing its database management needs with 21st century technology?

If there is any doubt, you need to take a look at how Foxtrot’s collaborative capabilities can be saving you time and money while increasing your organization’s overall productivity.