• Fresh Design
    You're Looking at the Future of RPA


  • A bold architecture
    Built with .NET technologies

  • Prove Your ROI
    with real time stats

  • Perfectly Compatible
    Upgrade with confidence. Projects authored in previous versions of Foxtrot will continue to work in Foxtrot RPA.

  • Windows 10 Support
    Foxtrot RPA supports Windows 10, Microsoft's newest operating system.

  • Sharper Technology
    Foxtrot RPA's innovative technology allows you to work with more applications than ever.
  • Passwords
    Embed passwords in your project. They are centralized, hidden and encrypted, and can only be used by those who confirm the password.


  • Data Wizard
    Import data into .accdb, .mdb or .dbf files with the redesigned Data Wizard.

  • Action Search
    Find Actions by name or select a related suggestion offered by Foxtrot RPA.

  • Action Library
    Boldly go where you've never been before. Learn about new Actions in the Action Library.

  • New Foxtrot Actions
    Foxtrot RPA is equipped with Actions that minimize, maximize and move the Foxtrot window.


  • Preferences
    Customize defaults for all Actions in Foxtrot RPA.

  • Redesigned Notes
    Document your work by adding Notes to anything in your project, including Actions, Tasks, Lists and more.
  • Timing Settings
    Simplified timing settings make it easy to tune your script.
  • Error Settings
    Easily react to problems with simplified error settings.
  • Colors
    Quickly select Actions by clicking the color bar.
  • Lines
    Get organized. Insert Lines to group sections of your task.
  • Spaces
    Use Spaces to uncrowd your work and increase readability.



  • Beginner Mode
    Get up and running quickly with a simplified user interface. Learn faster by starting with the most common tools.
  • Expert Mode
    Turn up the power with a robust feature set, including more Actions, Bookmarks, Breakpoints, and deeper Statistics.



  • User Accounts
    Make Foxtrot RPA your own:
    - Add your photo
    - Pick Beginner or Expert Mode
    - Choose a Theme
    - Set your Preferences

  • Themes
    Choose a color theme that fits your style.
    Make Foxtrot RPA yours.



  • Sophisticated Logic
    Build smarter logic with If-Statements that support multiple conditions.

  • Embedded Formulas
    Add some umph to your project by adding Formulas directly into your Actions.

  • PowerShell Support
    Foxtrot RPA is now able to run PowerShell scripts.
  • New Emulator Support
    Foxtrot RPA supports 5 new emulators:
    - Aviva 3270
    - Aviva 5250
    - Esker TUN 3270
    - PASSPORT 3270
    - PASSPORT 5250

cheapest dissertation writing servic Important Upgrade Information: To ensure proper operation, all Foxtrot servers and workstations are required to run the same version. Upgrade the Foxtrot server first, followed by all Foxtrot workstations. Uninstalling will never delete Foxtrot scripts or databases. All scripts authored in previous versions of Foxtrot will still work in the latest version. Upgrades are included as part of your maintenance agreement for Enterprise Edition.

essay writing service US New Features & Fixes

Version 13.0.3

Smarter Table Handling

Web tables appear to be a single table to a user.  It is not until you use a Move Highlight or Search Action do you realize that each row on the screen is actually it own individual table.  This is apparent when the table highlight gets stuck and cannot be moved off the first row (since it is technically already in the “last row”).  Foxtrot RPA now detects these scenarios and is equipped to handle things automatically for you.  When detected, the new Bridge rule is set to Yes automatically.  This gives the highlight permission to jump to the next neighboring table (below or above it) as long as that table appears to be related.  Set the Bridge rule to No if you do not want this behavior.

The following Actions benefit from this new feature:

Action Name


Clear Highlight

Clears the highlight in a browser table.

Get Info

Retrieves information about the target.


Provides logic in a script.

Move Highlight

Moves the highlighted cell in a browser table.


Searches for and selects an item from a target, such as a list box.

New SQL Actions

The following Actions have been added allowing interaction with an SQL server:

Action Name


Execute SQL

Execute an SQL statement to return records from an SQL server.

Stored Procedure

Run a Stored Procedure on an SQL server.

New PDF Actions

The following Actions have been added allowing greater control over PDF documents:

Action Name


Extract PDF Pages

Extracts pages from a PDF document.

Merge PDF

Merges PDF documents into a single document.

Split PDF

Splits a PDF document into two or more parts.

Improved Data Import

Data import time has been reduced by up to 40% with the new optimized data import wizard.

Improved Select Item Action

The Select Item Action has been improved allowing the user to choose how the item will be selected with the mouse.  Available options are Click and Double Click.

Destination Nested Tokens

Nested tokens can now be used when specifying a destination for certain Actions, such as the Get Value.  This is an advanced feature allowing users to specify an indirect reference to a variable.

Practical Example

My project contains three variables:  Value1, Value2, and Index.

I am creating a Get Value Action.  Instead of specifying Value1 or Value2 as the Save to destination, I want the destination to be dynamic.  I want to control the number using the Index variable.  I can do this by nesting the Index variable like so:  [%Value[%Index]]

Now when I run the Get Value Action when:

·        the Index variable is set to 1, the result will be stored in the Value1 variable.

·        the Index variable is set to 2, the result will be stored in the Value2 variable.

The following Actions now support destination nested tokens:

Action Name



Performs mathematical calculations.

Decrease Field

Decreases a field value by a specified amount.

Decrease Variable

Decreases a variable value by a specified amount.

Drive Exists

Determines if a mapped drive exists on the computer.

File Exists

Determines if a specific file exists on a local or remote drive.

File Prompt

Prompts the user to select a file path.

Folder Exists

Determines if a specific folder exists on a local or remote drive.

Folder Prompt

Prompts the user to select a folder path.


Manipulates text, numbers and dates by offering over 65 robust functions.

Get Info

Retrieves information about the target.

Get Value

Retrieves the value from a target, such as the text in a textbox.

Increase Field

Increases a field value by a specified amount.

Increase Variable

Increases a variable value by a specified amount.


Takes a picture of a target, then extracts the text from the image using OCR technology.

Pixel Exists

Determines if a target pixel is found on the screen.


Executes a PowerShell script.

Process Exists

Determines if a specific process is running.


Prompts the user to enter a text or number value.


Displays a question to the user and waits for an answer to be selected manually.


Searches for and selects an item from a target, such as a list box.

Search Cells

In Excel, searches cells for a specific value.

Search Screen

Searches the emulator screen for a specific value.

Service Exists

Determines if a specific Windows service exists.

Set Field

Places a value in a specific database field.

Set Variable

Places a value in a specific variable.

Target Exists

Determines if a specific target exists.

Improved Close Actions

In previous versions, in certain scenarios the following Actions would display a message box indicating the project was complete.  This message box would prevent the Action from completing and would cause the application to stay open until the message was dismissed manually.  This behavior was especially problematic if the application was started by batch file as it would not allow the process to complete.  This has been fixed.

Action Name


Close Me

Closes Foxtrot RPA.

Log Off

Logs off the workstation.


Reboots the workstation.

Shut Down

Shuts down the workstation.

Improved Window Actions

In previous versions, the following Actions may not be available for certain secondary windows in the target application.  This has been fixed and these Actions are now available when targeting any window title bar.

Action Name


Close Window

Closes the target window.

Maximize Window

Maximizes the target window.

Minimize Window

Minimizes the target window.

Move Window

Moves the target window to the desired location on the screen.

Resize Window

Resizes the target window to the desired dimensions.

Restore Window

Restores the target window.

Show Window

Shows a window by bringing it in front of other applications.

Improved Search Cells Action

The Search Cells Action how properly locates large numbers and Scientific Notation values.

In previous versions, the Search Cells Action would jump to the wrong cell if the target range contained only one cell.  This has been fixed.

New Note Shortcut

A shortcut (Ctrl+T) has been added allowing a user to quickly add a note to an Action.

Fixed:  Formula Preview

In previous versions, the Formula Action would fail to display a preview value once an invalid Field or Variable token was detected in a parameter field.  This has been fixed.

Fixed:  Prompt Action

In previous versions, the Prompt Action would fail to properly save the Min value for Number input.  This has been fixed.

Fixed:  Create Variable Action

In previous versions, the Create Variable Action would fail to set the value of the created variable when Type was set to something other than Text and the value contained a token.  This has been fixed.

Fixed:  Project Report

In previous versions, the Project Report would display Action notes incorrectly in certain scenarios.  This has been fixed.

Fixed:  Action Count

In previous versions, the Run Task Action did not display the correct number of Actions in each Task.  This has been fixed.

Fixed:  Disabled Else Action

In previous versions, if the Run Arrow entered a disabled If statement and reach the disabled Else Action, the Arrow would jump down to the End If step.  This has been fixed.  The Run Arrow now properly ignores and continues past disabled Else Actions.

Renamed Action

The following Actions have been renamed to improve consistency and/or clarity:

Old Action Name

New Action Name

Join Images

Merge Images

Fixed:  Missing Action Icons

In previous versions, Search and Send Value Actions that utilized Application Intelligence would not show an Action icon. This has been fixed.

Miscellaneous Fixes

This release also includes other minor bug fixes and usability improvements.

Download – Foxtrot Suite v13.0.3  (Released 01/11/18)

Download – Foxtrot Unlocker (64-bit)

Download – Foxtrot Unlocker (32-bit)


  • 2.0 gHz processor or higher
  • 4 CPU cores or more
  • 16 GB RAM or higher
  • 500 MB hard drive space or higher
  • 1024×768 display resolution or higher
  • Dual monitors
  • Internet Explorer 11 or higher
  • Local administrator rights


  • 1.8 gHz processor
  • 2 CPU cores
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 300 MB hard drive space
  • 1024×768 display resolution
  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Local read, write, execute, delete rights

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista (SP2 or Higher)
  • Windows XP Pro (SP3 or Higher)

Supported Servers

  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008 (SP2 or higher)
  • Windows Server 2003 (SP2 or higher)

Supported Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Internet Explorer 9

The following MSI packages are provided for your convenience:

 Download – Foxtrot Suite

– Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.1
– Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable (32-bit regardless of operating system bitness) — Get it here

 Download – Foxtrot Unlocker (64-bit)

– Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.1
– Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Update 3 Redistributable Package (64-bit) — Get it here

 Download – Foxtrot Unlocker (32-bit)

– Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.1
– Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Update 3 Redistributable Package (32-bit) — Get it here