Healthcare administrators work in a dizzying world of never-ending change. And, with ICD-10 re-coding of billing classifications (October 1, 2015) headlining changes for 2015, the administrators are only going to see changes increase in volume and complexity.

Veteran healthcare data management professionals are accustomed to changes. But savvy healthcare data management pros rely on our Foxtrot technology to help them deal with change.

Our customers find Foxtrot is an eminently able means of managing change. Here’s what one of our customers, a gentleman who oversees claims administration, says about Foxtrot:

“We use Foxtrot to adjust claims that need to be reprocessed because of pricing changes or retrofitted contracts or pricing changes. We often have to recalibrate contracts in mid-stream or even adjust finalized contracts. That means a lot of changes. Foxtrot gives us the ability to handle the changes quickly, accurately, and without any manual entry errors.”

Another customer, who handles a complex health insurance payments data management program, says:

“Once we finalize a transaction, we send out a check. Often that means creating a debit and then re-crediting an account. The potential for mistakes is huge and costly. Thanks to Foxtrot, the administration of these transactions is virtually error-proof.”

With 2014 about roll over into 2015, this is a good time to ask yourself “How will we deal with changes in managing data in the upcoming year?”

It may be just the right time to change to Foxtrot technology to help address all those changes on the horizon.