Over the past few years, the Despicable Me series motion pictures have ranked among the most popular global movie series for adults and kids.

Featured in Despicable Me are the comical Minions, small, yellow, cylindrical, creatures with one or two eyes, who work for Gru, a one-time villain turned good guy with a heart of gold.

The fun-loving Minions talents are incredibly productive. And they would love putting our Foxtrot technology to work automating Gru’s business databases. That’s because Foxtrot is easy to learn and, dare we say, fun to use.

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Now, in the real world of business, non-technical personnel are certainly not minions. They are talented administrators—knowledge workers—whose professionalism drives day-to-day business.

But as talented as non-technical personnel are, they can always use help. This is where Foxtrot comes into play. Foxtrot supercharges the abilities of non-technical personnel to automate the database management and updating of data systems that serve as the foundation for much of their business.

Personnel can learn Foxtrot’s basics in about four hours. As they work with Foxtrot and gain confidence in using the technology to manage their databases, they quickly grasp how Foxtrot empowers them to customize their very own individualized approaches to managing their unique database challenges.

From merging databases that operate from totally different operating systems to elimination of manual entry to update databases, personnel enjoy the power that Foxtrot affords them to maximize how they manage their business information.

Indeed, personnel who use and master Foxtrot find themselves performing not like minions, but real-life superheroes whose business accomplishments exceed anything that actors playing superheroes perform on the big screen.