Just when you thought everything was perfectly in place, changes occur.

And nothing changes more often than the information in one’s database. There are address changes, name changes, interest rate changes, billing coding changes, regulatory and compliance changes.

The list of changes goes on and on…and it never stops.

For some, change is the enemy and remains an ongoing obstacle that will never be overcome.

So how do you adjust to change? Attorney Calvin Sun, on the Website TechRepublic/U.S. provides a solid checklist for adjusting to workplace changes in an article “10 tips for adjusting to change in the workplace.” Sun’s article remains as contemporary today as it did when it first appeared seven years ago (here).

Now the good news.

For Foxtrot technology users, adjusting to change is a snap.

No time-consuming making manual entries in spreadsheets, no endless combing through databases. That’s because Foxtrot automates data entry without errors. Foxtrot ensures that data entered into your CRM, human resources platform, accounting software, and other systems of record is absolutely accurate every time.

Maybe it’s time to embrace change, including consideration of Foxtrot and how the technology can be saving you considerable time and money when changes inevitably occur.