The term, “Robotic Process Automation,” has gained traction throughout the business community. While it is frequently thrown around, the concept of Robotic Process Automation is not necessarily clearly understood.

Why is that important to us? Our Foxtrot technology is a vivid example of the concept of Robotic Process Automation.

When non-technical personnel see the term, “Robotic Process Automation,” they may have two immediate reactions:

  1. It is about physical robots (think of those flat devices that move silently around the house picking up dust and dirt).
  2. At some point, their job may be threatened by some kind of robotic device.

Both are false assumptions.

The concept of Robotic Process Automation is explained in clear, simple terms in an insightful Harvard Business Review article,What Knowledge Workers Stand to Gain from Automation,” co-authored by Mary C. Lacity and Leslie Willcocks.

Foxtrot users in the finance, healthcare, and manufacturing industries who automate data processes and integrate their database systems know precisely how Robotic Process Automation works because they have been implementing Robotic Process Automation, via Foxtrot, for more than a decade.

Foxtrot helps them merge, manipulate, update, and accurately maintain their all-important database information.

Business professionals may describe the process as Robotic Process Automation.

Those who use Foxtrot simply say, “We Foxtrot it!”