EnableSoft’s new agile testing solution, “Foxtrot AT,” decreased software testing time to less than 10 percent of the time previously required, enabling Radixx International to speed product to market at significant time and cost savings.

The Client

Radixx International provides an internet-based airline reservation and passenger service system that offers ticketless direct Internet distribution to travelers, as well as full E-ticket distribution through traditional travel agent channels.  Radixx provides the first modern and complete replacement for the legacy airline hosting systems and hosts thirty airlines worldwide.

The Background

Radixx strives to introduce enhancements to its products semimonthly in order to maintain its competitive position using legacy task automation.  As a SaaS provider, it is crucial that new products be error-free and of high quality from day one.  The challenge is testing software quickly and efficiently to ensure Radixx’s quality reputation, without slowing delivery to market and incurring excessive costs that will impact product profitability.

In an effort to speed testing and improve quality, Radixx replaced manual testing with one of the leading testing suites on the market.  However, the testing suite required extensive investment.  In addition to a substantial initial price tag, the testing suite also required a significant investment of staff hours for training, coding and suite maintenance.  Radixx tried a second suite, with similar poor results.  Radixx abandoned both software testing suites and returned to manual testing as the more cost effective option.

The Challenge

Radixx needed a testing solution that better fit its scrum-based agile development methodology, without the price tag and labor costs of testing suites currently on the market.   They needed an agile testing solution that could be deployed in sprints throughout development by QA staff without the need for coding and software QA programming.

EnableSoft’s Approach

Leveraging its 15 years of GUI automation expertise, EnableSoft was able to provide an agile testing solution for Radixx that required no coding and can test both web and .NET applications.  Foxtrot AT data software – provided agile testing with simple, user scripting tools that allowed QA staff to point and click, requiring no GUI map, or API.

Client Success

Foxtrot AT increased the speed of Radixx’s new product launch.  Since Foxtrot AT requires no coding and minimal training, it was immediately implemented and effectively reduced testing time from 24 hours manual execution per test to less than 40 minutes per test.   Testing was run as many as 4 times per week resulting in an overall decrease from 96 hours of manual testing by software engineers to 2.7 hours of automated testing by QA staff.

“I regret that we didn’t try the Foxtrot Agile Tester before we spent significant financial and programming resources on two of the industry’s leading software testing packages. After brief training by EnableSoft our QA team was able to quickly automate our release testing in very short time without the programming staff’s involvement. Both the quality and ROI far exceeded our highest expectations.”

- Ron Peri, CEO Radixx International

Overall Foxtrot AT results for Radixx International were impressive:

  • Time savings: Reduced testing time from 96 hours to 2.7 hours
  • Cost savings: Achieved significant savings in labor costs
  • Quality improvement: Automated testing increased quality over manual testing
  • Strategic benefit:  Freed up software engineers’ time to focus on new product development

“EnableSoft has taken a unique approach to performing object identification in the background, rather than expecting the Test Engineer to handle that, saving time, and removing the confusion and time consumption, related to previous tools that required screen scraping. This has greatly enhanced the turn-around time for getting our websites out to our customers; the ROI has been significant.”

Len Wilson, VP Quality Assurance Radixx International