With Labor Day and summer vacations behind us, business has returned to its usual fast pace—a signal that clearly underlines that business is back in the flurry of activity surrounding budget planning for the next calendar year.

Information management specialists will do well to consider adding an automated employee to their workforce, in 2016.

Our Foxtrot technology serves as a vivid example of an automated employee.

Foxtrot roars through large data entry demands in a fraction of the time required for people to undertake large data entry projects. Better yet, Foxtrot is totally accurate, pre-empting costly “re-dos” that result from the inevitable errors that occur from human data entry.

Also, Foxtrot is a quick learner. Foxtrot can be “trained” to automatically change customer information, SKUs, names and addresses, fees and pricing, and virtually any other type of data that requires regular updates.

So how do you make the case for adding our automated employee, Foxtrot, into your workflow?

Just listen to what our customers have to say.

Then, try Foxtrot out for yourself by downloading a free trial.

When you decide that an automated employee will be a great addition to staff, give us a call at 1-800-660-3556, and we will have you automating your data processes, saving your employees’ valuable time, and increasing the efficiency of your workflow, immediately.

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