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What’s in your inventory database? Foxtrot can provide the answers.

For manufacturers and retailers, keeping up with inventory, and the myriad of changes that occur in their product lines and inventory, is a constant battle.

Overseeing an inventory results in constant change. Some of the most common changes that manufacturers and retailers face include:


• • Price changes

• • Product descriptions

• • Product codes

• • Product specifics (size, color, weight)

• • Customer list of users


This information […]

Foxtrot technology is all about managing change

Think about how much information your database changes every day.

There are address changes, telephone number changes, and e-mail changes. People get married and their name changes. Prices change. Inventories change. The list of changes one must address in a database is never-ending.

Put simply, databases are kaleidoscopic in nature. When you look at the information in your database, it never looks the same way […]

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