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The challenge of running a business is underscored in Robert Service’s famous poem: only the strong survive. While it is important to be strong, another way businesses remain “fit for survival” and competitive is adapting to change. Businesses that fail to consider this critical survival technique can count on encountering problems as they forge ahead.

Database management provides an illustration of the need to keep pace with change. All of the information in one’s database constantly churns. Customer names, addresses, codes, pricing, regulations—the information in your database is a never-ending reminder that change is constant.

How do you keep up with the changes in your database?

If you are like many of the nation’s leading financial, healthcare, retailing, manufacturing and tourism businesses, you rely on Foxtrot, our automatic database management technology. Foxtrot is remarkably nimble in keeping up with the changes that occur within one’s databases.

Foxtrot is simple enough to be managed and manipulated by non-technical administrators; in fact, it is user-friendly enough to be learned in a single day. Staff find that after only a few weeks, they gain enough proficiency in using Foxtrot to create and deploy customized scripts that enable their databases to adapt to their particular business needs.

While agility is one of the most attractive characteristics of Foxtrot, it packs an enormously powerful punch in terms of strength…the kind of strength organizations need to survive and prosper in today’s ever-changing business climate.