Automate Patient Billing Processes

Improve your billing speed and accuracy with Foxtrot data extraction software functionality. Foxtrot works directly with your existing medical billing software to automate your current manual claims management and billing processes. Whether you use a cloud-based application like AdvancedMD, or a desktop solution, Foxtrot is the only medical billing automation software that enters and changes data in the user interface just like you would.

Foxtrot Case Study

See how the New Bedford Corporation reduced data entry time by 62% with Foxtrot

‘Foxtrot reacts when a problem is caught. We call that intelligent data entry.’ -Jonathan Ferrell, President, New Bedford Corporation

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Using Foxtrot for Medical Billing

Intelligent Billing Automation

“Train” Foxtrot to process statements, send electronic collection letters, and perform write-offs just as you would do. Simply drag the target from Foxtrot over to your application, select an action from one of a select group of options, and watch Foxtrot go to work.

Improve Billing Accuracy

Unlike human workers, Foxtrot enters and changes data without mistakes. Foxtrot can even be taught to navigate errors, or alert you via e-mail or text if one is encountered, so you’re never out of touch with your business.

Integrate Platforms with Ease

If you use Microsoft Excel, QuickBooks, or another third-party platform as part of your business, Foxtrot is an ideal way to automate the movement of data between applications. Foxtrot can copy and paste data just like you can, but faster.

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