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Mistakes waste time, money, and resources that healthcare professionals can’t afford to lose. Instead, hire Foxtrot to automate ICD-10 migrations, drug dictionary updates, and other functionalities inside of your EMR, all with 100% accuracy.

The better, faster alternative to macros or outsourcing, Foxtrot file transfer software functionality provides superior outcomes and shortens revenue cycles while reducing reliance on manual data entry and maintenance. Foxtrot works with EMR systems, patient management systems, and billing systems to automate:

Foxtrot Case Study

See how Care1st Health Plan Arizona increased claim approval by 566% with Foxtrot

‘Normally, it would take us an hour or more to process 1,000 records with a macro. Foxtrot does it in a few minutes with no babysitting.’ -Ivy Boyer, Manager of Business Application Systems, Care1st Health Plan Arizona

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Using Foxtrot in Healthcare

ICD-10 conversion/translation
Automate translation steps to ICD-10 to ensure coding and superbill accuracy regardless of core system

Traditionally a time-consuming manual process, Foxtrot also offers data extraction software functionality to automate credentialing workflows to help ensure compliance with Joint Commission and other regulations

Drug/mass dictionary updates
Foxtrot scripts work with your current NDC software to update mass or periodic updates to codes, pricing, names, and more

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