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Automate and Elevate: Bank Operations Managers Say Goodbye to Manual Processes and Hello to RPA

Fast, good and cheap — you can only have two out of the three, the old business adage goes. Well, at the high-stakes intersection of banking and technology, we have a news flash for you: operations managers can have it all with robotic process automation. From highly complex tasks to the plain and mundane, RPA fast tracks costly manual processes – saving both time […]

June 28th, 2016|Robotic Process Automation|

Top 5 Most Mundane Office Tasks Begging for Robotic Process Automation

All is banal when it comes to data entry work at the office. Results of an EnableSoft survey of approximately 500 U.S.-based companies revealed that office workers place data entry at the top of their list of the most lowly job responsibilities, despite the availability of advanced technology solutions such as robotic process automation.

Our first quarter 2016 survey reveals that the following data-entry tasks are considered the most mundane:

  • Invoicing
  • Customer and account maintenance
  • Inventory and ordering
  • Quality assurance & regression testing
  • Job postings


June 21st, 2016|database management, Robotic Process Automation|

6 Reasons Robotic Process Automation Beats System-To-System Conversion For Your Bank’s Core Data Migration Project

Imagine an employee who always shows up on time, works nights and weekends, anticipates your needs, and then does the job perfectly every time. Using robotic process automation (RPA) software for your next data migration project, your bank will save time and money while also reducing the headaches associated with data integrity.

Regardless of whether you are migrating data from a single branch, or an […]

June 14th, 2016|Robotic Process Automation|