Much fun was had last month in Orlando at the 2016 Foxtrot User Network (FUN) Conference. What’s more enjoyable than bettering your business and reaping greater rewards through robotic process automation (RPA) technology?

Many FUN-loving Foxtrot Users from the banking and healthcare industries did just that on June 21-22 near Disney World and SeaWorld, places known for more than their fair share of fun. Attendees enjoyed fellowship, continued education through customer panels and peer group roundtables, and even new product announcements, such as FoxBot (more to come on this exciting new product).

We’ve discussed Foxtrot being fast, good and affordable, but how about the tool’s broad business automation applicability? During a peer group roundtable on Day 2 of the FUN Conference, attendees came up with more than 400 use cases for Foxtrot. One particular individual won the contest for the most new use cases.  He had more than 60 new use cases to take back to his operations department. This individual was awarded a $100 American Express gift card and Professional Services valued at $2,500.

The use cases ranged from simple tasks such as officer code changes and purging inactive accounts to mass debit card reissues [following a data breach], customer name and address merges and complex data conversions. An IT department can use Foxtrot as “middle-ware,” especially useful when two systems don’t communicate with each other, which seems to be prevalent in the banking and healthcare industries. The RPA tool can also be deployed as an ongoing service to perform updates to various applications during business and non-business hours.

The fact that the medical records and health information technician workforce will grow by 15 percent from 2014 to 2024 — or “much faster than average” according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics — should tell all you need to know about the data demands in the healthcare industry. At the FUN Conference, a medical billing professional discovered that Foxtrot could not only run in a terminal emulator/green screen environment, the RPA tool could also, through the use of specific date and time tokens, be programmed to stop a large batch of billing, invoicing or coding work at a specific time [based on the company’s nightly update] and begin again after the update completes.

On the banking side, an attendee set an impressive tone during the Day 1 customer panel with the revelation that Foxtrot enabled her financial institution to more than double its operational savings last year to over $500,000!

Conference attendees learned that unlocking the power of world-class workflow automation through Foxtrot can happen anytime. Users can enroll in a variety of courses offered through Foxtrot Academy, including Foxtrot Certification. Users also learned about the members’ only FUN forum.  Foxtrot Users can post questions and comments in the online forum for their fellow Foxtrot Users to view and comment in return. Attendees also received advanced Foxtrot training including error handling and working with lists.

Last month’s FUN Conference was an enjoyable RPA exercise in learning about and sharing data management challenges and solutions. Foxtrot and RPA continues to show the way to business growth and opportunity. We look forward to more FUN next year with our Foxtrot friends and fans!