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Foxtrot bridges the gap between tedious data updating and web scraping and being productive

The way in which we function at work, at home, and in all aspects of our life has a direct correlation to how productive one can be.


At EnableSoft, our goal is to improve and enhance your work productivity, which will anticipatorily improve your productivity in your personal life. Productivity is a topic that we, at EnableSoft, give close attention because our Foxtrot technology supercharges productivity […]

May 28th, 2015|web scraping|

What’s in your inventory database? Foxtrot can provide the answers.

For manufacturers and retailers, keeping up with inventory, and the myriad of changes that occur in their product lines and inventory, is a constant battle.

Overseeing an inventory results in constant change. Some of the most common changes that manufacturers and retailers face include:


• • Price changes

• • Product descriptions

• • Product codes

• • Product specifics (size, color, weight)

• • Customer list of users


This information […]

Foxtrot technology is all about managing change

Think about how much information your database changes every day.

There are address changes, telephone number changes, and e-mail changes. People get married and their name changes. Prices change. Inventories change. The list of changes one must address in a database is never-ending.

Put simply, databases are kaleidoscopic in nature. When you look at the information in your database, it never looks the same way […]

May 11th, 2015|Uncategorized|