Foxtrot software from EnableSoft is the better alternative to conventional manual and programmatic efforts, and outsourcing, that automates data entry, maintenance, integration, migration, aggregation, and testing. Foxtrot is easy-to-use and works through the presentation layer of your Windows, Legacy (Green Screen), Web, Excel, and most other platforms. Foxtrot learns keystrokes, clicks, and virtually anything else you do with a mouse and keyboard to execute data-related tasks with total accuracy. Best of all, no coding is required.

One-third of the largest banks now save significant time and dollars with Foxtrot, as well as leaders in the Healthcare, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail industries. Contact us to see how Foxtrot software can help your organization drive business process efficiency today.

Success Stories

Must update multiple fields for 20,000+ customer accounts in financial services system Foxtrot’s Data Scripting Technology updated all accounts automatically with 0% failure rate Saved $15,000
Saved 1,000 hours
Must download many files from large business management system. Each batch takes 80 hours to complete Within 45 minutes, Foxtrot Technology reduced process completion time by 75% Saved $10,800
Saved 720 hours
Must transfer data from spreadsheets to customer management system Foxtrot parsed, cleaned, and transferred the data with a 0% failure rate and reduced completion time by 87% Saved 3:30 per transaction